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InDeSem (International Design Seminar) is organized every two years by students of the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of Delft University of Technology. InDeSem is week full of lectures and a workshop were students of the faculty and international students work on a design project with a specific guiding theme. The seminar provides an environment where students, architects, theorists and teachers can engage in conversation with each other about the current and future position of the architect. The purpose of the seminar is to raise awareness of the consequences of the changing society within the architectural world.


In previous editions the frictions between the different scales in architecture (InDeSem 2013 – Scale Matters), the reduced influence of the built environment as a platform for human interaction (InDeSem 2011 – Losing Ground), the perception of architecture senses other than purely visual (InDeSem 2009 – Point of View), the role of the architect and his legacy (InDeSem 2007 – The Legacy) and the responsibility of the architect in geopolitics: territorial, social, ethnic and religious conflicts and the production and consolidation of power (InDeSem 2005 – A Political Act) was discussed.


InDeSem includes a workshop for 80 students (40 enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft and 40 external / international), a public lecture series, multiple debates and several exhibitions. In the past InDeSem has already met many famous architects to TU Delft, including Winy Maas, Aldo van Eyck, Adriaan Geuze, Jean Nouvel, Herman Hertzberger, Rem Koolhaas, Ben van Berkel and Renzo Piano as well as theorists Saskia Sassen, Bruno Latour, Anthony Vidler and Michael Speaks.


The InDeSem board, which consists of 6 full time and 5 part time students for this edition, is guided and supported by renowned professors of the faculty. Earlier editions of the seminar were organized under the supervision of Herman Hertzberger, Wick Roling, Michiel Riedijk and Winy Maas. For several editions the head of the Environmental Design department Machiel van Dorst operates as a connecting factor between the different editions.