How will Big Data influence your design? 

The built environment is fastly becoming a hybrid of the physical environment and the digital world, where every action,  feeling and step of those using the buildings we design can be quantified. What opportunities does this data load  present?  

It is inevitable that Big Data influences the way we study, build and manage our built environment. Architects and  Urbanists as well as politicians and social scientists find their working methods and disciplinary knowledge challenged  by the insights derived from Big Data. How do we organize possible futures considering the encounter between the  digital and the physical? How could usage data – about how people live, breathe and move through the projects we  create – influence our future architectural designs? 

INDESEM 2021 dedicates a full week to exploring data-driven architecture and its surrounding challenges, given that  the subject is mostly absent from architectural study programmes. The programme of the event consists of lectures,  excursions, debates and a workshop. INDESEM aims to contribute to the debate of the use of Big Data in the fields of  Architecture and the Built Environment and serves as an interdisciplinary platform enabling students as well as experts  to explore and discuss the current and future position of the architect within the emerging data driven society. 

INDESEM 2021 would like to offer a platform to a new generation where they can take up their responsibility and  discuss and design around these crucial matters. The event should be considered as an opportunity to define a new  approach to architecture within this increasingly digitized world. We hope to welcome you on our renowned campus  of the Technical University of Delft.